Sunday, December 30, 2007

would you like some cheeze with your whine?

I do this thing
i complain. and these arent just any ordinary complaints, these are well manufactured complaints. if youve ever noticed most of my stories start out with a complacent tone, a groan or a sigh will usually warn you of the onslaught of why me's coming your way. i noticed this awful habit one day when kristen said hi and i started complaining about a project to which she replied, "well hello to you too." thanks to kristen's sass i realized i had a fatal flaw: i am a whiner. and not the good kind, this doesnt involve real wine, i think those are called wine-o's with an o. i think maybe its because when i get nervous i babble and the only thing going through my mind is worries, oh and i am a worrier too: a worrier and a whiner. this now brings us to my new plan of action, and i need your help in this: i will no longer whine. sounds easy enough right. ok i will not whine. well after this whiney post i will not whine. ok thanks for your patience.