Friday, September 26, 2008


whats he looking for?

kids in clothes

We all know my strong desire to design prints for children. And how I was interviewed by osk kosh but dismissed because i had only 1 year experience. Where am I going with this...oh yeah! well since osh kosh broke my heart ive been on the hunt for childrens wear companies. emailing like crazy. but to no avail. but i will never give up. while researching i stumbled upon this brand. amazing.

Mishu LULU


doodlers anonymous-where the afflicted go to draw.

sexy red frame- the blog book

i have a new addiction.
its reading this blog=
she is an amazing writer and I hope her blog is turned into a book so i can take it to the park and read it in the sun.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

bearly there

I am sitting here drinking my harney and sons florence tea (tastes like chocolate) out of my :juan in a million mug which has a drawing of a flock of funny little green birds with one very strange looking bird in the center that i can only assume is juan himself becasue he is the only one wearing a sumbrero and im listening to girly music Lykke li (i like to pronouns licky lee). dancing in my chair and working on an embroidery. this is a daily occurence. i realized today i spend too much time chatting over gmail messenger.
i think i am going to make a cowboy print very soon.
and i have a good question for the blogosphere-what should i be for halloween!?!?!?!

Babar- an elephant and not a bear

So Babar the early drawings are on display at Drawing Babar: Early Drafts and Watercolors," on exhibit at the Morgan Library and Museum through Jan. 4, 2009!!!! You better get your little booties over there kids.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

so happy and so silly

open wide and drink in the color

this weekend was a blur. and like most weekends the end comes too soon. we met some germans and drank thier beer. we went to dumbo to soak up the sun and baked and caught a mouse in the house. but we didnt make it into a pie like peter rabbit, although it was suggested. i am aching to write a book, but i just need to finish my proposal. what will happen next.

Friday, September 19, 2008

vintage rings

i found this reing via this vintage jewelry site-which i am now banned from b/c the money is just unspeakable-insert remark about todays economy here. but then i lost the link. good thing.

wish list

i need to add thse little guys to my bear collection

Thursday, September 18, 2008


because we are...

becasue we are for keeps

this weekend i promise to make breakfast. toast with jam. i promise to make coffee with cream just how you like it. even though i take mine black.
i always look forward to the end of the week because thats when the weekend comes and that when we can go on vespa rides and spend long afternoons in the park. we can soak up the sun like 2 lizards. and sip mimosas in the morning and eat frenchtoast and we dont have to do dishes. saturday we are spending the day i the park with our german friends drinking german beer. this weekend you said you are making butterfinger baklava becasue brian asked you when you would make more buttlava as he likes to call it. i will make another caserole for lunches and we will finish our projects reserved for weekends. there is so much to do.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

dream come true dress.


ive had a lot of things on my mind lately-like wanting to branch out on my own. wanting to return to work in the simplicity of a coffee shop. i want to make, make, make. but my time is always occupied by less important things- most times i find myself on the couch in a vegitable like state dreaming of nothing inparticular. i watched people on the train this morning and most of the people reading had sour looks on thier faces like thier upper lips smelled. i started my day out right with a coffee from joyce on my walk to the q train. and im ending it right with my handsome boy at his premier-he played a one-legged hobo.

Monday, September 15, 2008

mary blair

mary blair. oh what a lady. she was one of the first big female hot shots at disney and probably the best. her color and whimsey are just what your tired eyes need at the lunch time slump of the day. enjoy.

heart spill

i think i am going to write a book
a childrens book
a childrens cookbook.