Sunday, December 13, 2009


im battling a bad case of the grims. just an overall sorry feeling. ive even started drinking a bit of that mood enhancing yogi tea to lift my dull spirits. as i said earlier today i am currently seeking new employment. industry really crushed my spirit. I felt no ownership of my designs or accomplishment for that matter and it was really not a good place for me. so i left without any other prospects. dangerous i know, especially since well i have a large loan payment to shell out each month. the plan is to get a temporary sort of job, the kind that requires no real creative effort until i figure out how to properly showcase my own work. Ive considered a bit of the ol' etsey action. I sent some prints out to spoonflower and had them made on cotton sateen. They are a pretty site. but i still have a bit of the branding to sort out. but i would not be opposed to a creative job where i feel my style jives well with the other designers. I know commercial sells. Ive had this hammered into my brain. But i know there are daring designers out there creating really interesting designs. And people buy them! They do despite all the companies that think only butterflies and rock and roll princess' sell. oh man. ive cold called a few of my faves but no luck. Yo Lesportsac, Oilily! Youre stuff is awesome why dont you work with me? see! im working on it.

Happy Christmas!

I may be unemployed now but I have new adventures to start! Happy holidays!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

for the fam
wedding stuff. blah blah blah.
check the site above for wedding stuff.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

it'll be some wedding

so i have this folder on my desktop labeled: "tie my knot"
the contents of this folder had been pulled from the farthest reaches of the interwebs and tangled up into a mess of wedding dreams. Im afraid this blog will now become a sorting area for these things. Above are some inspirations ive been gathering. now i know barn weddings are all the rage but right now i am hankering for a barn hoedown! A pig roast and a burger truck to deliver delicious burgers to my family and friends.
I have begun delegating. Even though the wedding is planned for next year- we are hoping for 10/10/10, because its a repeating pattern i love those and we love october and well its just easy to remember. chelsea jones who is living all parisian is going to make my dress.
sean latrelle will be our banjo player.
brian mansfield will be our officient.
lele will be the por pie baker along with carl and alex.
and there will be no wedding party. i will not force my friends to wear matching garb for my amusement. thank me later friends.
but it will be a party. and i want a rental where all my friends can stay with us and help set up for a few days before hand. the budget is itty bitty but boy do we have plans!

im engaged!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

up to date

we just had a burger bake off last weekend and chris beat me, but only because one of our judges fell asleep. so i consider it more of a draw really.
its been cah-razy at my new job. busy busy. i can hardly stand when i get home. all i want to do is curl up with the hamster dog and fall asleep. i made some fun holiday throws ad pillows and have been working on a whole collection for the bathroom. its really challenging taking on product design, but i find it very gratifying once i complete projects like this that i have never really tried to design. a dear friend kay came up to visit from savannah and we made plans for a book. I have so many plans for books but they are never completed. so dissappointing. oh well maybe this one will work!

Friday, October 9, 2009

for chris jammal.

I want to travel, to visit every rest stop in america. I want to hang my clothes on a line and wear yellow rubber gloves when I do the dishes. I want to be a Librarian and marry a teacher. I want to eat cheeze-its in the car and wear a heavy knit sweater. I want my car to break down at night. You and I will run into a haunted house and kiss kiss kiss for hours. I want to drink whiskey and watch a movie far far away. I want to watch the sky change while I am driving. I always want to hear your voice in my house, I love that sound. I wish we were brother and sister trapped in an attic. I wish we were driving to nebraska, we could makeout in corn fields. I want to make you oatmeal then drive and drive. I want to go fishing and not talk for hours.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

gimme gimme miu miu

. i still really want these miu miu shoes. real bad. so bad i could taste them. and i have big plans for these little babies. oh man. i need these like i need air, and food and water.

bear fights

stupid boob.

so i have this dress right. the perfect dress to wear while attending a summer wedding. only thing is....well my boobs are not the right size and shape to fit in this dress. do i have wierd shaped boobs or did betsey johnson miscalculate the sz 4 for this particular bodice. either way i am pretty sad. and im 10lbs lighter than i was when i first bought the gosh darn thing. arg. well i wonder what ill be wearing on saturday. humph.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

sorry for the lengthy hiatus. i am now gainfully employed at as a textile deigner creating prints for childrens bedding. It is amazing. i am proud of what i create even when i have to create it on the weekend. but this thing called market week is coming up very soon and so we are busy creating. i am super happy and fulfilled. yay!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I had a realization last night as I was untagging most of the recent facebook pictures my friends posted of me, guys I've gotten big. I dont mean this in a overly self conscious way but man, for a girl used to size small and 4-6's jumping to 8's is a biiiiiig deal! The last time I was comfortable with my body was about 2 years ago, when I was biking to work everyday and spent the rest of my day on my feet in the studio or slinging coffee. Now a majority of my day is spent in a swivel chair with limited wrist and hand movement. But even my wrists are bigger.
So now is the time of change, revised life plans. Fitness challenge anyone? Diets are mostly about limitations and removing foods from your diet. I want mine to be about additions. More leafy greens more natural foods. More home cooked meals. It is easy in a city like NY to adapt to a life of restaurants and happy hours. There are so many resources for unhealthy life decisions.
Ive never been that health nut girl. But I want to become healthy.
So here is the deal, no more yoyo diet b.s. No more clenses with false hope of instant change. Im making a real life decision to get back to the comfy feeling I crave. Mission Comfy Skin commenses 7/27/09. Wish me lucky times!

Monday, June 29, 2009

new prints: so many bear attacks

the circus is in town

new horsey print. inspired by my dear friend who just took circus classes.

Monday, June 22, 2009

bears and balloons

new print: balloons afraid of heights
its been a rough winter. wait its not winter anymore, why does it feel like it is. the rain will not stop falling. i suppose thats why most of my friends are leaving nyc. they are all moving for one reason or another. but this evacuation of city life is leaving me without a design partner. so im pretty sad. a friend gave me this advice:" i think maybe you will just have to rely on yourself."
so here is to "old reliable"- yours truly.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

rudolph got run over by a reindeer

raining reindeer print

konga line!

Monday, June 15, 2009

new shark print

and its all about the chase

Friday, June 12, 2009

lama love

always wanted to be a lama farmer
colors inspired by my ikea bedspread.
gotta love the swedish color pallete, so clean and simple.


a print i did for chris and kimb industries
aka our love print. minus the hearts.
collective awwwwwwww.

Bears in Bows

playing with some bears in bows logo ideas.
boy/girl bear print.
think of it as unisex.


i did this williamsburg rendition not too ling ago in the same body i used in the last post. i thought i'd share-even though we all know plaid is over? i mean will it ever be?

new ruffle print

Friday, June 5, 2009

the shooting star shoes!

if i could wish on a shooting star right this second i would wish for these shoes.
please tell me you saw lill's new video for not fair. yaknow the country one with the white jumpsuit and the back up dancers? now please tell me you saw the shoes she was stomping around in. these shoes are prime. i googled them. i cant find them. does anyone know who designed them?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

meet grayson perry aka claire

Isn't he amazing. this is my dream wardrobe. I would wear these little babydoll dresses everyday of my life if i could. this grason character is an artist who is known for his artifacts and his dresses. Both his dresses and his artifacts are filled are the brim with satirical social comments or an autobiographical elements.

Found via d-listed my guilty obsession