Monday, October 27, 2008

Affronditi- an amazing design firm
stamp rings. won't someone make one for me. i want to stamp everyone with love notes.

chico's sells my prints!

proof! i'm in stores!

sick day

hammy has been sick. 

Friday, October 17, 2008

to do: bear hug

i have this problem, its not that im lazy but i never seem to cross off everything on my list. so here is a more realistic goal orriented to do list. the one a day notepad. get it at the link bellow.
my one thing to do today is give everyone a bear hug. terumi and charlene have already fallen victim to kimb the bear.

and on a side note....i think i might be a teabag for halloween.

mini break!

chris and i are going on a mini-break to upstate new york. we are going on a pumpkin patching, apple picking, corn mazing, hunted housing, bed and breakfasting adventure. and it all begins tonight with our case you didnt know its spa week in nyc and you get discounted massages..ours is a 60 minute hot stone massages for $50. wahooo! we rented a car to scale the ny countryside and are making secret road mixes. chris warned of the impending david bowie album he plans on playing. i still feel the mountain goats are the best traveling music. i mena going to georgia? not to mention the fact that they sing about all th florida towns i know so well-tampa and tallahasse. please dont get me started on the adventures ive had during those crazy years. did i ever tell you about liz and my run in with the law? maybe next time.

I must make a bit of a confession. I always wanted to be one half of the bonnie and clyde dastardly duo-the bonnie side. i have always had a bit of a taste for the dark side. if darth vadar had invited me i would have joined the clone wars. i mean look at them. relaly look at them. amazing. first picture is of the real live bonnie and clyed the second is from the movie.

Friday, October 10, 2008

a very important article you should all read.

rolling stones article: on mccain the "make believe maverick"
My fave exerpt fromt his amazing article, after this you will think twice about voting for this "war hero" i think.
"McCain is sensitive about his physical appearance, especially his height. The candidate is only five-feet-nine, making him the shortest party nominee since Michael Dukakis. On the night he was elected senator in 1986, McCain exploded after discovering that the stage setup for his victory speech was too low; television viewers saw his head bobbing at the bottom of the screen, his chin frequently cropped from view. Enraged, McCain tracked down the young Republican who had set up the podium, prodding the volunteer in the chest while screaming that he was an "incompetent little shit." Jon Hinz, the director of the Arizona GOP, separated the senator from the young man, promising to get him a milk crate to stand on for his next public appearance.

During his 1992 campaign, at the end of a long day, McCain's wife, Cindy, mussed his receding hair and needled him playfully that he was "getting a little thin up there." McCain reportedly blew his top, cutting his wife down with the kind of language that had gotten him hauled into court as a high schooler: "At least I don't plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt." Even though the incident was witnessed by three reporters, the McCain campaign denies it took place."

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

dreamy kitchen

from the smart emma site:

"D&AD ASDA LunchboxesConsidering structure, graphics and materials I created a set of three lunchboxes for ASDA, the brief asked for them to be seperate solutions, however still maintain a strong visual idenity throughtout the collection. The lunchboxes cover three distinctive ranges, healthy, satisying and childrens."

a new print

for chelsea rogers: the plan


fun and crazy

twinkle lights dangling over the dance floor
teporary tats for the reception

sweet serenades

silly flower faces
So my dear friend chelsea rogers has become intrigued by weddings as much as I have. and so i am sharing these links with her-my only blog reader- and the rest of you out there if you really exist.