Friday, August 26, 2011

because of the tittens

found while googling. now don't ask me what I was googling- because i will not tell you. And it was not "tit" if thats what you are thinking. perv.

family wedding photos

my parents and grandparents- so much love.
 Grandma & Grandpa Williams- photo on the left is of them the day they got married. It was during the war so they didn't get too fancy. The photo on the right is in Denmark at a dinner party.
 During their 50th  anniversary. They were so very happy that day.
My mom and dad in Vegas

Chris' mom and dad in Florida both in white

Sticker Wallpaper

Each wallpaper pattern is made up of thousands of hand-applied stickers, and can be removed and re-applied in any space.

A multi-media exhibition by Brian Kaspr and Payton Turner

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

holy cow

Ames Brown ( I had to google him to find out his last name) of bachelorette fame was on my train this morning- minus the red pants which was a bit disappointing. Those red pants are almost as famous as he is.
It's interesting  of all the tihngs I hate most in NY its the morning train commute. But I have to say seeing my most favorite of Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad stars on my morning B train commute really made my day.
Thanks Ames. You are my favorite reality star.