Monday, April 11, 2011

eau de butthole

Chris: "did you just fart?"
Kimb:"no i just put on perfume."
Time to find a new perfume. Apparently my perfume smells like stinky farts.

Friday, April 8, 2011

thoughts ive had while drinking my morning latte at work

-i want to move back to california before it falls into the ocean
-i hope i don't get sick everyone in the office is sick. i cant get sick.
-this latte was too expensive
-my chair is really hurting my back maybe i should get one of those rubber balls to sit on. i am afraid that would only end in disaster.
-why am i designing another print with birds and stamps?
- my feet hurt, wearing heels to work was a mistake.
-i want to move somewhere warm- seasons are over rated. at least the cold ones are.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

birthday celebration

+as usual husby went above and beyond for my birthday. he took me to spotted pig- best burger in nyc.
+next stop broadway- we saw book of mormon- which was by far the best broadway show ive ever seen. despite the fact that it was the only broadway show i have ever seen it was very entertaining for a musical and exceeded my expectations. they sung about explosive doo doo. it was amazing.
+ we capped off the evening at billy's bakery. where they serve the most incredible banana cake. i sure do love banana cake.

that beard is incredible

fresh amazing oysters

best burger in the city-spotted piggy

my $16 sippy cup of bourbon ginger

BANANA CAKE!!!! billy's bakery, you make the world go 'round.