Wednesday, June 25, 2008

you banana

you know when you're in love when you stay up way past your self assigned bedtime just to talk to him on the phone. or when you look forward to getting to work not becasue you love your job but because you get to chat with him on gmail messenger. or when you finally get to see him on friday and it takes every ounce of your being to hold in your giggles and your joyful squeals. Now this isnt that shallow kind of love you find on reality shows and on the disney channel. this is that love that fills you up to the tippity top of your head and swims thru your veins. this is it. are you ready? 

Friday, June 20, 2008

I want to go to Amai Tea. It was voted best new teahouseAmai Tea & Bake HouseOther nominees: Sanctuary T, Tafu, T SalonAmai may be petite in many ways, from the size of its space to its miniature sweets, but the surplus of small things adds up to one monumental whole. An exhaustive list of premium teas, which includes everything from delicately floral oolongs to green-tea “flowers” that bloom in the cup, is more than worth the visit; add to that a selection of exceptional baked goods, like lemongrass-ginger cookies and transcendently moist green-tea cupcakes, and we understand why you gave this little place so much big love.


Happy midsummer day! they celebrate this day in sweden because the summer is so darn short. I wish this summer would go away already. bike rides are so very sweaty.

who's going to the mermaid fest tomorrow!?! I AM!!

And today I found:::

this is the handsome man bank."For each 500 yen coin you drop in the heart-shaped gadget, you're rewarded with the next step of a virtual love affair with a Tamagotchi-like digital chap inside. He speaks to you with emotionally supportive phrases, but needs constant attention. Not dropping a coin in for five days results in him leaving you, with nothing but a digital love letter to remind you of his pixels. Fill it up with 100 coins, however, and you get the romantic conclusion—it can be happy or sad—but I'm not clear exactly how pornographic it would be... Anyhow, if you're lovelorn, and in Japan it will be out for around $46 in September."

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

making and baking.

tonight i made almond sugar cookies with vanilla buttercream frosting. dyed pink for my lady hj. i started with a recipe from magnolia but got bored and started to freestyle. unfortunately i couldnt find any good sugar sprinkles so they are naked cookies.

playin' hooky giving hickeys.

on monday after the dentist when i was feelin a little blue my most wonderful and handsome boyfriend brought me flowers and soup. we cuddled and listened to songs. love love love love.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


ive never made a hat before but i stumbled across this amazing trim store up here in the ues. its being forced out of business because of the raised rent. so i wound up with many goodies including a beaded tiger. last night i through together this bridal bow for chris' cousin who is getting married very shortly and decided to come to nyc for her bachelorette weekend. i was inspired by a bow i saw at my most favorite hat shop. 

Friday, June 6, 2008

for chris

now thats a cake!

Happy Birthday! I wish it was my birthday. If it was I'd want this 2 girls 1 cup cake. Complete with cup full of poo. I love birthdays.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

and when the storm rolled in a great rain followed close behind.

this morning was rough. i recieved some pretty crumby news. so i needed some cheering up. these images did the trick. i hope they make you as happy as they made me.

Monday, June 2, 2008


tonight i ate too much chinese food. tonight we are going to see an embarrassing movie. ill give you a hint-jimmy poo shoes. tonight i wish there were stars in the sky to wish on. on our first date chris gave me a bag of glow in the dark ones. but they arent the wish granting kind. i think i am going to take a nap and digest the 2 bellies worth of sesame chicken i just ate.