Wednesday, November 12, 2008


so this made latrelle and i extremeley pleased. tamagatchi for your ipod!!! FOR REAL!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

anonymous post.

work is boring today. i have things to do but i dont feel like doing them. all ive done is read books and talk to chris on gmail messenger. i dont feel like designing for the chico's lady today. if i have to create another paisley i just might scream. when will the weekend get here. i feel dirty because the water was shut off at the apt. the landlord isnt picking up the phone. im tired of people calling me sister here. i never understood that concept. i do not have a sister. i have a brother. is it a fashion thing to be sisters with all your coworkers? i'm over trying to be the nice cutesy girl. it was a mask i wore well all thru college. remember when elizabeth raymond and i were just the opposite, that was fun. i still secretly call her a gossip about things i shouldnt. maybe ill go to miami be be not good for a while. the world is not all sunshine and daisies ladies and gentlemen. ugh.

BREAKING NEWS: i have posted this in the bathroom me and my "sisters share"
someone farted big time in the bathroom, whoever is responsible please spray after yourself in the future or i will personally find a way to make your day as stinky as you have made mine!

lesley arfin-read her.

so tuesday night after i voted for our new presedent elect i decided i needed to do research for the book my crew is working on. so i boarded the train and stopped by the union sq. barnes and noble, not considered one of the coolest bookstores in nyc, we have strand for that -but useful for the research i was doing. i found what i needed and headed to the check out line. like everything in the union sq. area lines were long so i began purusing the tables of books set up to trap bored line dwellers like myself. and i stumbled upon a gem. a book called "Dear Diary". Now I am not much of a Vice reader. I suppose it is my unwullingness to spend the precious $ i have on something as frivolous as a magazine. Buuuut now i might just so i can read what this little lady puts in there. She has a way with words let me tell ya. And i finished this book in 2 days flat. She is such a badass. This book is a lot abotu drug use but not in a trainspotting, requieum for a dream type of way. Lesley Arfin is a hero of mine now. Is that wierd to say. Yeah, but im ok with it. She lives in the city. And after googling her-im sucha creep- i found her blog. But think about it she, like many of us, probably googles herself on a regular basis so im no worse than her. and better yet by the mere act of me posting this to my blog i am giving her a little something xtra to read. check out her book kids. its amazing.

Marije Vogelzang

A friend of mine, anthony cooper, introduced me to the most amazing danish-umm i guess you could call her a food artist... there are real names for this but i like food artist-it seems more accessable. Marije Vogelzang. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for danes because my mother has told me so many storied of her life in Denmark. I guess I am also a bit jealous.
Back to Marije- her food design is incredible. She creates interactions with food. Food as fine art. What an amazing concept. But its not so much the food as it is the act of eating the food. This woman is incredible.

I wish i could show you pix but her site is flash and i am not apt enough at the interwebs to display flash pix. but in one of her pieces she took forks and attached them to long sticks and stuck strawberry snacks to them and called them butterflies. when a breeze caught the forks they waved around and flew like little butterflies.
follow this link to find her: