Wednesday, April 30, 2008

question and answer session 1

question: what is devil's blood?

answer: tequila mixed with tabasco sauce.

question: but...why?

answer: this is where masculinity and masochism meet.

question: huh?

answer: you heard me!

i'll surprise YOU sometimes.

yea, so, uh, I was photographed by a fashion blog, I can feel my fashion index rising like a poorly coiffed, middle-aged buisnessman's dick at the sight of some nubile lolita, my metaphorical member flushed with the sweet nectar of elitism, ready to spew forth a triumphant flood of jaded posturing, excessive name-dropping and calculated ciggarette smoking (you know, where you take a leisurely drag and scan the crowd with your eyes, never once betraying your impenetrable cool).

Yes, friends, add +2 to my google search rating, for I will be on the internet pretending to commune with all the other nonsensical art school graduates. And you will be there, sort of impressed by my fashion forward attire. I will be there...and despite my cynicism, I will be proud.

sorry if this offends you-you can blame carla she gave me wine.


steamy afternoon delight.
i feel like im interupting something by looking at these. they make me blush.
photos by: Lina Scheynius

for lunch i ate pretzels sticks i found on top of the fridge at work. they were salty and satisfying. we were in a bit of a rush to get the bosses on the plane-putting tigether the last of the fall/winter t-shirt packages. ooo boy it feels good to relax. and now that the fuss is over and done with i am hunting thru blogs and drinking stale coffee from this morning. mmm.

and this is a salty sailor. i wonder if he tastes like pretzels.

top secret.

these are my top secret plans.

bye bye baby.

poor little ling ling the panda bear died today. japan's one and only giant panda-cause china is borrowing the other 8. greedy greedy china. i am currently wearing a black dress in mourning. bears are the most majestic creatures in the animal kingdom. if the lion is the king of the jungle then the bear is the currupt dictator of i should really get back to making stripes but bears distract me.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

on my day-the life and times of kimb james

Ive tried my hand at those disarmingly cute posts but now its back to the meat. i feel like a reformed vegetarian and i like it.

so my night was as follows: it all began between 3 gorgeous women who in all actuality were men. now dont get ahead of yourself this might be a meaty post but this is still a g-rated blog you perv! so these ladies all sat around me on the subway car and talked in spanglish one said something about shoes-"sabatoes"- i can also ask where the bathroom is. i got lost and then dragged to an even more foreign place by one of those blog fashion photographers. look for it on the web ill be the uncomfortable one in the black stalkings. i finally made it to my destination, a little coffee shop to meet the tiny beating heart that is this city-miss carla lopez de azua. we plotted trips to costa rica and discussed our secret project. feeling a hunger deep down in our bellies we headed off into the cold windy night to find something delicious. we stumbled into a little italian place and ate pastas and drank too many wines. full of wine we decided lets go see baby mama. but when we found that the tribeca film fest- tribeca fart fest more like it-had taken over all the movie theatres makes me want to write a manifesto and take over the outer bouroughs-maybe even the world! disappointed we sulked around the corner and into a nail salon. i got red she got pink and we discussed the current state of our economy, but really we just gossiped about boys. the evening ended with my room mates buzzing me up b/c i left my keys tucked in my bed. i better find those.
check out this mighty bear!

oh and Tao of Pooh is the best book to peruse through while on the can. It's short, so you feel like you've read something substantial in the 1-3 minutes it takes. Plus, if you can't feel the mystical beauty of the universe when you're taking a poo, then you might as well give up on life now.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

wish wish wish

while i am doing this whole job thing i wish i was doing this!

QT music.

Dieter and Lung of Perish Factory directed this adorable music video for Bomb The Bass, called Butterfingers. I think it's an analogue synth/sequencer/groovebox,made of fuzzy felt. Each little button and control has a character and role in the video that sustains viewing all the way to the witty end. In Dieter’s own words there was “no real trickery to the making of it, just lots of hands, a lot of puppets, a lot of takes and a crap load of duct tape in the back holding things together”. Check it out here.

love stylings.

love statue style.

love gypsy circus style.

love hipster style.

love print style.

love photobooth style.

love battle witch style.

love family style.

love wall style.

love cafe style

'aint love grand.

gosh i hate babies


bear chairs.

comfy comfy baby bears---The Banquette collection of chairs, by design duo Fernando and Humberto Campana.

this bear is almost as hungry as i am. wish i had gotten a bagel at the metro corner shop for breakfast.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

you aren what you love.

todays arts-wish they were farts.

throw yourself at them!

A performence artist/photographer, Lilly McElroy wanders into bars and asks strange men if she can jump on them.And then well she takes running leaps at them while a friend snaps photographs. These men look so helpless-they are gonna get all smooshed. But isnt her honosty amaazing. Throwing herself at men I mean. isn't it cool how she flips around the traditional power dynamic.
visit her here:

Monday, April 21, 2008