Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i'll surprise YOU sometimes.

yea, so, uh, I was photographed by a fashion blog, I can feel my fashion index rising like a poorly coiffed, middle-aged buisnessman's dick at the sight of some nubile lolita, my metaphorical member flushed with the sweet nectar of elitism, ready to spew forth a triumphant flood of jaded posturing, excessive name-dropping and calculated ciggarette smoking (you know, where you take a leisurely drag and scan the crowd with your eyes, never once betraying your impenetrable cool).

Yes, friends, add +2 to my google search rating, for I will be on the internet pretending to commune with all the other nonsensical art school graduates. And you will be there, sort of impressed by my fashion forward attire. I will be there...and despite my cynicism, I will be proud.

sorry if this offends you-you can blame carla she gave me wine.

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