Sunday, December 13, 2009


im battling a bad case of the grims. just an overall sorry feeling. ive even started drinking a bit of that mood enhancing yogi tea to lift my dull spirits. as i said earlier today i am currently seeking new employment. industry really crushed my spirit. I felt no ownership of my designs or accomplishment for that matter and it was really not a good place for me. so i left without any other prospects. dangerous i know, especially since well i have a large loan payment to shell out each month. the plan is to get a temporary sort of job, the kind that requires no real creative effort until i figure out how to properly showcase my own work. Ive considered a bit of the ol' etsey action. I sent some prints out to spoonflower and had them made on cotton sateen. They are a pretty site. but i still have a bit of the branding to sort out. but i would not be opposed to a creative job where i feel my style jives well with the other designers. I know commercial sells. Ive had this hammered into my brain. But i know there are daring designers out there creating really interesting designs. And people buy them! They do despite all the companies that think only butterflies and rock and roll princess' sell. oh man. ive cold called a few of my faves but no luck. Yo Lesportsac, Oilily! Youre stuff is awesome why dont you work with me? see! im working on it.

Happy Christmas!

I may be unemployed now but I have new adventures to start! Happy holidays!