Sunday, December 30, 2007

would you like some cheeze with your whine?

I do this thing
i complain. and these arent just any ordinary complaints, these are well manufactured complaints. if youve ever noticed most of my stories start out with a complacent tone, a groan or a sigh will usually warn you of the onslaught of why me's coming your way. i noticed this awful habit one day when kristen said hi and i started complaining about a project to which she replied, "well hello to you too." thanks to kristen's sass i realized i had a fatal flaw: i am a whiner. and not the good kind, this doesnt involve real wine, i think those are called wine-o's with an o. i think maybe its because when i get nervous i babble and the only thing going through my mind is worries, oh and i am a worrier too: a worrier and a whiner. this now brings us to my new plan of action, and i need your help in this: i will no longer whine. sounds easy enough right. ok i will not whine. well after this whiney post i will not whine. ok thanks for your patience.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

swedish fish

so everything feels so very numb. i feel kinda like im hovering over my body looking at what im doing. i look kinda silly wearing my sequin top staring into an illuminated screen. i am trying to learn swedish. i learned important things like: kan jag fa kupp kaffe is asking for a cup of coffee. hur mar du is asking how you are. snoglittrande is when everything is glittering with snow. kak is cake and enslig is lonely.

Monday, July 30, 2007

poodles and patterns

i decorated.
today i am working on my traditional patterns. oh boy its hard. also in the works zebras in pyramid formation holding flags in their mouths,silly birds in clouds, lavender bundles, wooden frames containing funny flowers, funny squashed teacups, shadowy dalia flowers.
i am also planning on weaving myself a pelt. a fox stole, white and gold in houndstooth. it will be luxerious and tacky. and i will wear it on my hot mess days.
its rainin rather hard out and leighann just made a funny little rice dish, shes always cooking, she should be a chef or be on a cooking show. she just finished her poodle sign for her aunt. funny story surrounding this. but it looses all the funny in internet translation b/c it doesnt have the silly southern drawl she puts on when describing the client, who jsut happens to be her aunt.
i wish i was cuddling in the rain but instead i am soggy and about to watch black snake moan with the most wonderful troup pf ladies.
love always, kimb.

i really hope one day

give me a job, job job, job job job job job
im always so very worried i will never get a job.maybe that's an understatement. sometimes i worry my patterns arent hip enough, cute enough. maybe deer in ribbons and stacked unicorns or just dumb. or maybe im crazy. capitol C!

Monday, July 23, 2007

love begets love

my little darlings
By Kimb James

oh yeah! i wrote a book. buy it please.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

patterns of the day

Top 3 favorite things of the day:
printed out all 19 of my patterns
this iced soy latte i just made at gallery espresso
the new stars album playing on my ipod

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Good Mornin,
i finished weaving something lovely last night. charming as usual. i call it my unicorn cloth,
love always.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Family night

So The family: Lucus, Lieghann, Jeff and I just finished a fiest of homemade bbq chicken, spicey mac and chz and bluechz salad. We loaded up Lieghann's new game: Katamari Damacy, and I am really loving the King of the universe and his tight trousers. I especially like the royal rainbows and picking up special things like strawberries, or strawbabies as lieghann calls them. The music is danceworthy and the little space helmet reminds me of Hey Arnold. Soon we will play soul caliber and I will triumph. I kicked Lieghanns butt in Mortal Combat.

favorite pattern designer ever!!

Julia Rothman is quite possibly one of the most talented women in the world. Shes number one in my book. I could look at her patterns all day and all night. I could eat, drink and sleep her patterns. And sometimes I do because ya'know Im living on an artists dalery, nay an art student/ barista salery. One day though, I hope to be like Miss Rothman.
keep on keepin it on Julia!!

lovely i live here now

Sunday, July 8, 2007

more pattern?


pattern is so much a part of me now. like a leg or an arm, or even my head. i pretty much see it everywhere, and b/c i draw what i see i wind up with hundreds of these. i love love love love pattern.

this is him.

a man ive always admired. i wish i had known him then. he was admired respected. i used to sit on his lap and listen to his stories. i used to smell his old spice and think he was the most anyone could ever be. for pops.

year of the unicorn

and with our new friendships stacked together we formed a group of the happiest people youve ever seen in your entire life.
smiles couldnt show you the extent of our happiness. with love.