Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Diet /Exercise/repeat

I'd love to say this is easy. I have been working my booty off and seen minimal results. I mean the videos are toning me and the diet itself is keeping me from putting weight on but I don't seem to be taking more off. I did this stupid weight calculator that said my "real weight" was 120. I believe them but I can't seem to get there. Even with spin class 3x a week (ok maybe its mostly 1-2 but I am trying here) and low cal small portion meals. I am even on a fiber kick trying to eat a bowl of bran cereal with dinner. I have resorted to looking at fad diets. The Canton-eating jelly stuff. The Dukan Diet- the french protein diet (semi atkins w/o the fat). And I can't say I haven't wandered down the diet pill aisle once or twice contemplating an easy fix.  But no detox or pill popping is gonna work. I just have to work more of my ass off.
ugh they have bagels at the front desk. I miss bagels.

Friday, July 16, 2010

our trip to cony island

Contrary Shop

How effing cool is this! I found my gifts for the girls!!!! Miss Mary Andrews works out of a studio in BK, NY. She has more deigns where this came from. Check out her Etsy.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wedding Fitness Challenge Update

1. Take stairs everyday at work {4 flights}
2. Work out a minimum of 4 times a week
3. Tracy Anderson Method 4 times a week
4. Eat Protein rich meals- avoid dairy and pasta {no late nights with ben and jerry's}
5. Take Hammy on long walks and to the park on Saturday mornings
Current Weight: 125
Goal Weight: 120
Current Sanity: questionable

Wedding Realization

I would like to be wearing La Perla.
But I will probably be wearing Spanx.

Just a few of my favorite things!

I have been trying out this new "Beauty Regimen" thing. I am not one for consistency. I usually lose interest or just plain forget. But these products! man-o-man, love 'em!
1.Burts Bees Radience Night Cream: I picked this up on a whim during my lunch hour. This stuff evened out my complexion and made my skin all buttery smooth. I tend to be a "picker" so anything to get rid of those red spots is gold.

2.Moroccan Oil: Pricey but oh so worth it. My hair is actually not frizzy. Now I have tried all those sprays and treatments from Sophora and let me tell you ladies this stuff will make your hair a different entity entirely. My hair is no longer moody and unpredictable. If I wasn't marrying my hunk of a man I would run off to Vegas with this little guy.

3. INA Detoxifying Crystal Salts: Ok so they are pricey. Like so Pricey I am embarrassed to tell you how much I paid. But if you want to it makes you so relaxed with the promise of detoxing your toxic body. I was pretty skeptical, but my skin was so silky soft afterwards. Not to mention my whole apartment smelled of lavender for the next few days. And for the summer in NYC thats a huge improvement over eau to steamy garbage.

Monday, July 12, 2010

does anyone have $850 and a crash diet for me. I want these dress' more than anything.
heck yeah dancing bear!
via celia