Thursday, March 25, 2010


I need an industrial sewing machine and I need to burn screens stat. Why cant I just be back in school and have a huge studio at my disposal?! We are currently waiting on the apartment down the hall to be finished renovating so we can take over. Can you imagine studio space like that? In the comfort of your own home? I can't wait. We have so much wedding ephemera our tiny little apartment is overflowing!
I have a running list of projects that still need to be completed. Oh man oh man.
im gonna bust.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Our save the date postcards

to save moola we made our save the date as postcards. It ended up costing hardly anything. I designed the stationary based on the stationary my Grandma Jane used. Its a sweet little vintage cross stitch. I wanted it to be interactive so I decided to make it connect the dots! I mean who doesnt love connect the dots. But here's the thing- word is that most people didnt get around to connecting them. Next time I will make the numbers bigger. My brother included. And maybe I will make less of them.

our save the date stop motion

C+K Save the Date from christopher jammal on Vimeo.
This is a little story of our engagement on a soggy pumpkin farm in Warwick, NY.

this took 2 tries but it was worth it. I made the diorama and chris made the characters- he is a storyboard artist afterall and a talented one at that. It was so much fun I want to make more!
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My head is Spinning around wedding world

currently i am stuck on decor.
I tend to overdue it when it comes to decor. I am a bit crazed when it comes to bunting-of all kinds, hearts, circles triangles squares. I love geometry. It was the only type of math i was ever good at. I was playing with a few of these and ended up with a knotted mess.
 I tried those tissue puffs. I thought it would be easy. Martha made it seem so simple. But oh boy was i wrong. Back to the drawing board. I only have 3 spaces to decorate. I just need to figure out what goes where. Any ideas blogoshpere? Any crafty ladies want to sew with me over some cheap bubbly and cookies?

Monday, March 15, 2010

milk glass

Can I just say Martha Stuart is a Genius. i am going to do this to all my glass. wedding table settings i just kicked your butt!
make your own milk glass