Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Holy Cow!

Best wedding EVER!!!

Man oh man, Feather Love, you brilliant!

OOO Boy Wedding

Ive come to a point in my wedding chaos that I am realizing that hey, it doesnt have to be perfect. Why the hell am I obsessing over the details. I am not much of a detail oriented person, most of the time I just ignore the details. I am actually pretty disorganized. But here is the thing while I was busy worrying about the placement of table centerpieces and where to hang the vintage windows I forgot that people will have fun regardless of the glasses and quantity of flowers. After spending a day with chris screenprinting 130 of something I realized hey it doesnt have to be PERFECT. And coming to that realization has made me a much more easy going bride. I never realized how tightly wound I was.
You want to here a few details we still need to iron out:
Caterer: requesting his wn private tent to cook in. He will also need to supply 3 banquet tables for him to cook on. ugh! How do you not have these when you are a pro caterer!
Food: We have made a list of all the appetizers we need to make plus all the rehearsal dinner food. Man oh man have we got our work cut out for us.
Pie: Good thing all of our friends are eager bakers or we would be low on wedding desert!
Weather: being that it is in Cape cod during the fall we are at risk of low temps. We will need HEAT for all those warm blooded floridians and californians flyin in. Solution: Hnad warmers and one big ass heater for the tent!
Dress: Im workin it out with my girl corine. I am kinda hard to deal with. I keep changing my mind. I take that back...I am awful to work with, sorry corny!
Chris' suit: We have shopped and shopped and still cant seem to find one. He finally knows what he is looking for, but to find one that fits properly has been a challenge.
Decor: We are getting closer, its still well off but I am starting to feel the pressure so I will be inforcing a rule that I will need to sew at least 3 hours a week. Ok done! And a dear friend will be coming up to help me out with the growing list of to do's.
Flowers: I hope the weather isnt too rainy in the fall, we plan on buying the flowers from the farm we are renting and the weather will dictate whether or not we have flowers on the tables. And seeing as we rented the house 3 days before the wedding it will be difficult to find flowers that can stand the test of time on the trip from NYC-Cape Cod. Maybe I'll have to purchase some pussy willows and berrys and wheat! Harvast Tables! I am still holding out hope for those wild flowers though. And my friend Carl has stepped up to the challenge of arranging them!
Maps: So because we are eating outside under a tent we need a place for yaknow people to relieve themselves. I hated the ideas of port-a-potties. Just the thought of my dress touching old terds made me dry heave. So we will need a way to direct the guests to the  potties inside the house. SO we deciding on signs which we will paint ourselves and maps which I will have to draw out have get printed. So there ya go crisis averted.