Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

check it out!!!

look look. look.
do you see? its my print! in macy's!

apple a day keeps the dr. away.

i made another apple print. i must have 10 of these so far!
jeesh. i need to move past the apple.

Landmark Loews Jersey Theatre-Movie Palace

On saturday Chris took me on a date to Jersey. I know what you are thinking New Jersey=bleh, but dont let the steriotypes fool you. Well the date consisted of an amazing brunch at the Brownstone which has the best pancakes I've ever eaten. Then a visit to close friends and the first introduction to baby Claire Bear. At 2 months she already has a full head of hair!
But really the whole point of this entry was to talk about the Landmark Loews Jersey Theatre. It is the most Architecturally beautiful buldings I've ever entered. It has gilded coloumns and enormous chandeliers. And to think a few years ago they were going to tear it down to build another set of luxury condos. It is one of the original Movie Palaces, and a palace it was. Every month they show a set of movies. Mostly old movies. But who doesn't love a classic. We saw The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. I found out later that my grandfather worked on it while he did costuming for 20th Century Fox. The ambiance of this theatre is incredible. As you walk in you can hear an organist playing and just before the movie begins the organist is lowered below the stage level as to not block your view. The acoustics! Oh man the acoustics of this place were perfect. Apparently Beck played at this theatre not too long ago and I cant blame him the sound in there sings so sweetly in your ears.
To learn more about the history of this theatre go here: http://www.loewsjersey.org/
and you can also donate to the continuing restoration of the theatre. They have already done about $1 million worthe of restoration. As beautiful as it is now it still has a long way to go to reach its full glory.

Friday, March 27, 2009

man eating shark-4 chris

chris has been begging for a shark print, but not just any shark print a man eating shark print. so here it is. the 10 minute man eating shark.
EDIT: This just in, chris requested I add blood. I mean how could i forget. realism. thats what my prints are missing. real blood. i will remember from now on.

birthday print

Seeing as my birthday is rapidly approaching I decided to make myself a birthday print.

Happy birthday me!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Miss Emily Cox

I went to SCAD, and the fibers dept. was incredible. it produced some of the most talented ladies i know. a while back i ran into a friend from scad on the subway Erin Wiser, I know small world. We caught up on the ladies of SCAD fibers and I found out that a girl I very much admired in my dept.(Emily Cox) started working at Woven Play(a costume creator I very much admire). They are made for one another and I congratulate her on landing a dream job. See her here: http://www.emilymariecox.com/


Ok you caught me I am in love with Mocium. I wonder if they would hire me? Maybe in a dream world in the clouds.

hello neighbor

i was on HI-and-LOW blog and found this. the poster wrote someone left these under the door of her apt. funny, they were left under mine as well. we must be neighbors. i wonder if i've seen her walking down washington ave.

i miss you


mathew williamson sprint '09


Misha LULU

So I was buzzing around the interenet this morning when i came across this: MISHA LULU.
An incredible husband and wife team that have created wonderful collections for the little ones. They have some adorable prints that I cant stop showing to friends. Yeah its QT Cute.

Monday, March 23, 2009

baby's first ski trip

i fell a lot, i mean a lot- a snow bunny i am not. we went on valentine's day. it was fun. cant decide if i will do it again. i took out a kid on the slopes and ate chili in the lodge. c is good i am not, he knocked me over about infinity times.

elephant castle

this weekend was busy busy,

brunch with my 2 best girls. one is moving to paris the other is moving thru product design at parsons. we are all missing savannah, ga.

a visit to the park transformed into a bbq. huge burgers and sweet potato fries, home made guaq and home made chips and for dessert we had apple crisp!

sunday we had to clean. we hadnt cleaned since our return from sounthern wedding central. i am not a tidy person and c was getting rather frustrated with my pile of clothes. hammy liked it tho he made himself a nest in clothes mountain. we went to bubby's in DUMBO and had the most incredible buger and potato salad. and oh my gosh the key lime pie!! there is also a secret photobooth next to the bathrooms, i guess its not so secret if you ya'kno use the bathroom. chris and i took our fist couple photos together. we've been dating for 11 months and still have no photos of ourselves in the apartment.
my birthday is in 2 weeks. im getting a tattoo as a present. my bear tat will have to wait til our trip to canada to visit chris' favorite tattoo artist. so im getting something else i drew on my forearm, lets just say there will be hearts. my very first visable tattoo. i have 4 others strategically placed aon my torso, including the bird scene from the little prince book flying up my ribs.
phew long

Friday, March 20, 2009

walking hand

this has been on my jumping jack drive for a while now. i had to get it out. its a print i did on the trian a while back.
and in other news i recently joined a print studio: JUNA Studio http://www.junastudio.com/
i will begin selling my prints there soon. if you are interested check em out!


*work announced that we will be cutting one day from our work-week each week. business isnt doing well. fashion industry is dying.
*attempting to plan for my birthday. we planned for canada, but it will rain my birthday weekend and be negative degrees. so i choose someplace warm and sunny. but flying home is $500 for both of us. anyone got any ideas?
*i cant stop saying i love you for the hundred trillienth time in a day to bf. i love you sooooooooooo much.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Vice= trader Joes Chai tea mix- like pumpkin pie hot chocolate!

Reading= Franny and Zooey by salinger- just got my library card i spend my lunches there-yes im a nerd

Morning Ritual= rise and run 3 miles

Friday + Weekend= Raleigh Durham, NC for the lovely Erica Mewhirter's wedding spectacular. I love you Erica, You are supreme!

Does anyone know what one can so in North Carolina for fun?