Monday, March 23, 2009

elephant castle

this weekend was busy busy,

brunch with my 2 best girls. one is moving to paris the other is moving thru product design at parsons. we are all missing savannah, ga.

a visit to the park transformed into a bbq. huge burgers and sweet potato fries, home made guaq and home made chips and for dessert we had apple crisp!

sunday we had to clean. we hadnt cleaned since our return from sounthern wedding central. i am not a tidy person and c was getting rather frustrated with my pile of clothes. hammy liked it tho he made himself a nest in clothes mountain. we went to bubby's in DUMBO and had the most incredible buger and potato salad. and oh my gosh the key lime pie!! there is also a secret photobooth next to the bathrooms, i guess its not so secret if you ya'kno use the bathroom. chris and i took our fist couple photos together. we've been dating for 11 months and still have no photos of ourselves in the apartment.
my birthday is in 2 weeks. im getting a tattoo as a present. my bear tat will have to wait til our trip to canada to visit chris' favorite tattoo artist. so im getting something else i drew on my forearm, lets just say there will be hearts. my very first visable tattoo. i have 4 others strategically placed aon my torso, including the bird scene from the little prince book flying up my ribs.
phew long

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