Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

wedding photos

the photographers really liked my dress and it can be seen in every photo pretty much. hot pink is hard ot miss. Miss Erica Mewhirter got married, now she is Mrs. Erica Stholer and it was fun.
Here is the photographic evidence. ignore the digital watermarks.

my favorite photo by far, bff's since highschool.
i started a bride sandwich, yum.

dance dance.

aint we sweet.

"throw down your heart"

Last night chris and i saw "throw down your heart" a film his friend, Sascha Paladino, made starring his half brother Bela Fleck. Bela Fleck is a wizard on the banjo and wanted to bring the banjo back to its origins, so the 2 set off with an amazing sound engineer and recorded an album and a documentary all over Africa. African music has so many layers and beats, I really never appreciated how complex it was until this documentary. It always seemed so frantic to me, But Bela Fleck and Sascha make this music and culture very accessable. They did not focus on Africa and it's hardships they focused on the music and the happiness it brings. The Title of the movie came from a short scene towards the end: "When we got to Tanzania," Fleck recalled, "we heard stories about the slaves first seeing the sea in Bagamoyo. We were told that slaves were transported east in much greater numbers than the slaves that went west to the Americas. When they saw the sea, they realized they would never see their homes again, and they 'threw down their hearts.' That is the translation for the name of the town of Bagamoyo." It is playing at th IFC in the west village. I definately recomend it! It is full of amazing music and some interesting characters.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

aligator tears

i made this print in honor of my puppy, pepper. i found out last night that my mother had to put him down. ive known this dog for 13 years. he was my best friend when i first moved to florida. he was my only friend at that point. i loved him very much. and i have been very upset today over the whole thing.

night knight

tonight is probably the first night in quite a while that i have been bogged down with plans. first we have an engagement party for 3 wonderful girls at work. can you imagine 3 girls have become engaged in a matter of months not to mention a friend recently proposed to his gf in the woods with thier 2 dogs with a wire ring and a promise to get her a real one. its spring and everyone is all twitterpated- bunnies and kitties swimming in a pool of sundrops. i expect all us girls + gil will get sufficiently sloshed and admire shiny rings all night. but the night doesnt end there.

my dear friend brian hosts a kareoke night every wednesday in red hook at 8pm at sugarlounge for interested parties, which i have been avoiding because of the weather and the distance from the train, but i really need to go. i would be a bad friend if i didnt. im hoping they have aerosmith's "i dont want to close my eyes"because that shit is the best song to belt out into a microphone. so that's my night. jam packed with fun things to do. most nights i go home and watch in treatment on netflix and eat trader joes stir fry. ive become such a shut in. i kinda like it. routine and all but i do miss my friends. girl nights taling about boy issues and other drama. i love gossip and sharing it makes my heart beat a little faster. its really one of my weakness'.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

camping trip

we went on a camping trip to the deleware water gap. ham came too. it was fun. here are a few photos.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

celebrity baby series-print #1

suri cruise
"the suri bob".


new print, part of a new celebrity print series.
inspired by the songstress katy perry and her cherry chapstick.
name of print lifted from her blog:
a few days ago i was told by a stranger in a bathroom: "you look like katy perry". then the lady walked away without saying anything else and i felt wierd.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

restless.less rest.

dont you hate that restless feeling. that what am i doing here, why have i been here so long feeling. that i hate my job feeling. envy bouncing around inside you like a pinball gathering points. that confused and unaware feeling. that why cant i find a job, why isnt my work good enough, i should just quit and work at a coffee shop to focus on my own work feeling. that why are my employers taking advantage of the economy so that they have an exuse to cut wages while they rarely show up to work themselves feeling. yeah what about those feelings, huh? why are they so numerous and boundless? why cant i shake them, and be brave enough to just quit? i'm so over it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


today is one of those days. quiet. with the furlough set in not much work is coming thru the doors and not many people either. it makes me sad. i have 3 day weekends but i also have a 10% pay cut. i cant help but dream of a day when im setting up my week. the prints i need to get out for a line i create. unfortunately thats a bit of a pipe dream considering, yaknow, the economy. but all that aside i cant wait to get home and cuddle with the little fella you see up there. ive been told hes been washed and cleaned today so he doesnt smell like dirty poo puppy anymore. here i come hammy, oh and ill cuddle with you too boyfriend.

ship in a bottle print.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

william sanoma breakfast tart

make this, and it will make your tummy less rumbly.
recipe here:

bears are the best

as you know i love the bear. the bear is my best friend. and yo! this artist makes gummi bear rugs! amazing! oh and more supplemental bear photos follow.

Monday, April 6, 2009

beary good birthday

my birthday was amazing thanks to everyone who celebrated with me.
it started with chris making a lemon lime merenge pie, and a fort in the living room. he didnt stop there, he gave me a robe, the comfiest robe ever. ive been needing one forever.
then we went to flyrite tattoo in williamsburg and i got a birthday tattoo on my arm. its still crazy raw anda bit slimey from the ointment. that night we met up with all my favorite people at trailor park and had too many margaritas. far too many, i payed for it later that night. the next morning chris brought me hungover doughnut plant doughnuts and watched netflix movies until the room stopped spinning and we went to first saturdays at the brooklyn museum to watch a women sing opera and play an accordien that lit up. sunday was late brunch with chris' cousin. wowzers, what a weekend.