Wednesday, April 22, 2009

night knight

tonight is probably the first night in quite a while that i have been bogged down with plans. first we have an engagement party for 3 wonderful girls at work. can you imagine 3 girls have become engaged in a matter of months not to mention a friend recently proposed to his gf in the woods with thier 2 dogs with a wire ring and a promise to get her a real one. its spring and everyone is all twitterpated- bunnies and kitties swimming in a pool of sundrops. i expect all us girls + gil will get sufficiently sloshed and admire shiny rings all night. but the night doesnt end there.

my dear friend brian hosts a kareoke night every wednesday in red hook at 8pm at sugarlounge for interested parties, which i have been avoiding because of the weather and the distance from the train, but i really need to go. i would be a bad friend if i didnt. im hoping they have aerosmith's "i dont want to close my eyes"because that shit is the best song to belt out into a microphone. so that's my night. jam packed with fun things to do. most nights i go home and watch in treatment on netflix and eat trader joes stir fry. ive become such a shut in. i kinda like it. routine and all but i do miss my friends. girl nights taling about boy issues and other drama. i love gossip and sharing it makes my heart beat a little faster. its really one of my weakness'.

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