Monday, April 6, 2009

beary good birthday

my birthday was amazing thanks to everyone who celebrated with me.
it started with chris making a lemon lime merenge pie, and a fort in the living room. he didnt stop there, he gave me a robe, the comfiest robe ever. ive been needing one forever.
then we went to flyrite tattoo in williamsburg and i got a birthday tattoo on my arm. its still crazy raw anda bit slimey from the ointment. that night we met up with all my favorite people at trailor park and had too many margaritas. far too many, i payed for it later that night. the next morning chris brought me hungover doughnut plant doughnuts and watched netflix movies until the room stopped spinning and we went to first saturdays at the brooklyn museum to watch a women sing opera and play an accordien that lit up. sunday was late brunch with chris' cousin. wowzers, what a weekend.

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