Friday, August 29, 2008


pattern pattern pattern.
i havent made my own patterns for my children's line in months. i need to start up again.
inspiration= chris' newborn neice isabella. she hasnt developed much of a personality yet...she mainly eats sleeps and poops but you see i can see a little flicker in her. i think she will like circus' and trapeze artists in tu tu's. keep a look out for me new series. have a good weekend!

shiney shiney sparkle love

2 things: PRADA lace from the 2008 lookbook.

And Tom binn's shiney darlings- he is a sparkle genius and my dream come true.


ok so im at work...on a day when no one is in. theres nothing to do. so i thought i'd show you what i do. some of my prints ended up on the chico's site. keep in mind sugarplums that this in not my typical style. this is for a client. and i accomadate the client any way i can. and can i just say placement tees are quite possibly the most difficult to engineer on yardage.

eat drink and be married

When I was just a girl I was never the one to dream of weddings more than who I'd marry in a game of MASH. But this website has turned me into a dreamer. Also my most beautiful friend erica mewhirter is gettin hitched and it has inspired me to begin looking for beautiful ideas for her wedding. and i stumbled upon 2 blogs that have these amazing inspiration boards-much like the trend boards we make for fashion. they are stunning. so are the brides-smiles stretched wide across thier faces. awww love.
My most favorite of the weddings- for those who know me they will understand. finger waves

this is quite posibly the most beautiful collection of old photo's ever compiled. filled with gems like this natural beauty. im more like the lady with glasses in the background there.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

To whom it may concern,

In case anyone is out there listening. I am searching for collaborations. I have prints I would like to make into products and garments. And would love to work with a fellow designer. I have a print source I just need a little companionship in this endeavor. Preferably someone with great sewing skills.
love love love

Monday, August 25, 2008


i hope good news comes soon.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

where have you been...

where have i been you ask? well i'm glad you asked because I've been busy. Far too busy for my own good to tell you the truth. I'm sorry I neglected you little blog but you see I've been doing things like going to the Teddy Roosevelt's childgood home, picnics in Prospect park visits with Miss Chelsea Jones, meeting new and interesting Brooklyn folk, eating brunch at Tom's diner, discovering new and wonderful places, going to a gallery reunion at an amazing little bar, eating at amazing restaurants for restaurant week, falling in love, attempting to sell prints of my patterns online, going to shows and making cupcakes. It's all very exhausting all this running around. But there is plenty more where that came from.
i'd like to share a little something i learned this past few months with you...
my top 5 places list:
spotted pig
little owl
billy's bakery for banana cake
gramercy tavern for the biggest meatball you've ever seen in your life
sugar sweet sunshine for banana pudding and cupcakes
soy for tuna bowls
little branch for great drinks
ok ok i know...that was 7 but you get the idea