Friday, May 30, 2008

Student loans= death.

I'm in debt. Strike that...I'm in a lot of debt. About $38,000 worth of debt. I will have to throw $333.83 to it a month in hopes that I will pay it all off some time in my lifetime. I'm going to crawl under my desk now and cry for a bit. Excuse me.

Maybe I can start selling my patterns.

My life in pictures.

my wedding day.

My honeymoon.
My pet.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

men I adore

artists who inspire me-they just happen to all be men:
Marc Johns:

Rob Ryan:

Jeremy Scott: I worship this man and would do anything to work with him!

Dan Funerburgh: the most talented graphic textile designer I've ever seen!

celebrities love poo too!

GQ poop interview with Shia LeBauf:

Somewhere between and the second shooting stations, LaBeouf interrupts himself to mention, wistfully, how many of his favorite actors maintain an air of mystery.
“So what parts of your life are you keeping to yourself?” I ask, playing along. “Usually you seem so, you know, uncensored.”
He thinks for a minute and then looks up with a eureka! grin. “I used to shit on myself until I was 12 years old. I didn’t stop until I got a job.”
“Are you serious?”
“I promise you. We could call my mother right now. You got your cell phone?”
LaBeouf puts her on speaker:
“Hello, Ma?”
“Yes, honey?”
“Hey, Ma, you’ll never believe what I’m talking about right now.”
“Where are you at?”
“Well, I’m at the range, but I’m talking to Kevin, and we were deciding how to be the most uncensored. Like, what’s the one thing I never told nobody? And I was telling him how I used to shit on myself. You remember that, Ma?”
“You shared that secret, huh?”
“Tell him what I did with the boxers, Ma.”
“Well, I don’t know. The times you did it, Shia, you thought you were going to get away with it. But you’d always get busted. The boxers would fall down on my head from the towel rack, or I’d find them under the bed.”
“Ma, Ma, tell him about the karate class at the YMCA.”
“Oh yeah. Karate class was very sweet, because you were all strong in your karate suit, and then all of a sudden a little brown ball would fall out of your clothes on the floor.”
“Ma, Ma, you remember when I was doing those kicking exercises in the gi [karate uniform]? You remember what happened with the kick that I did? My last kick in karate class?”
“What? The piece that flew?”
“Yeah, the piece that flew and hit the wall. Remember that piece?”
“You guys have a good day.”
“I love you. Bye, Ma.”

Friday, May 23, 2008

memorial day half days

put on your pants its time to go! it memorial day weekend and that means basking in the warm sun on a rock in central park. and craning your neck towards the sky to get a better view of fireworks. it means a half day at work and the night spent laughing with the gang. it means saturday dim sum lunch with lucas and his work friend and sunday celebrations. it means an extra monday off sleeping in late and making banana french toast.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

st00pid bug.

stupid bitey bugs! there was one in my room a minute ago making me really t.o.'d!!  after it bit my arm, side, cheek and chin i bonked that little devil right on the head. that sucker is dead dead dead. i really kicked some major bug butt tonight-all the way to pizza hut.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

skeeter rides fixed

i had no idea skeet was such a bad ass! please check out his mag wheels!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

on dissappointment

disappointment feels like a toaster burn. those mini bagels stay way down in there after popping. that goes for eggo waffles too.
book meeting went well. cant wait for the book tour.


Friday, May 9, 2008


these are what i send out everyday. 
this is work.
and it sure feels like work.

can i just show you something?

this is where i wish i was working: run rabbit run.

i love them so much i could marry them.

this is there artist statement:

"The name Rabbit On the Run, completely reflects the different, independent, free and spontaneous universe of the brand.The motifs are a result of various experiments and research around cutting and folding, which led to unplanned symmetry. The obtained reworked shapes are very singular and decline an identity; they take part in a game of contrasts between primitive drive and ultra-contemporary aspiration. Rabbit on The run is a field, which is open to any form of inspiration be it festive, playful, ethnic, savage and urban at the same time. The cuts are simple and over-sized, conceived in neutral and natural materials, in opposition to the strong character of the hyper colored prints. Rooted from a multi-disciplinary artistic background, the brand keeps it's sharp eye opened to everything which surrounds it."

pos[t-it] hehe

what i do at work when im not working.

i relaized today i have an uncontrollable fear of bedbugs. your bed is supposed to be a safe haven where you can duck under the covers and hide from monsters. "goodnight sleep tight dont let the bed bugs bits." is a nightmare inducing lullaby if i ever heard one. i read in the newspaper this morning on the train that there are bedbugs in the subway. i think ill start riding my bicycle more. i saw on the discovery channel that when you zap those little devils with insecticide they do "handstands" they are gymists even in death. blegh they give me the heebeegeebees. i better get back to work i gotta put out a few packages lickity split.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

for girls

for the boys!!

new at

i just updatd my website. im currently updating my resume. i am in desperate need of a freelance gig. so if you hear of any pattern needs let me know.

old sketchbook