Friday, May 9, 2008

can i just show you something?

this is where i wish i was working: run rabbit run.

i love them so much i could marry them.

this is there artist statement:

"The name Rabbit On the Run, completely reflects the different, independent, free and spontaneous universe of the brand.The motifs are a result of various experiments and research around cutting and folding, which led to unplanned symmetry. The obtained reworked shapes are very singular and decline an identity; they take part in a game of contrasts between primitive drive and ultra-contemporary aspiration. Rabbit on The run is a field, which is open to any form of inspiration be it festive, playful, ethnic, savage and urban at the same time. The cuts are simple and over-sized, conceived in neutral and natural materials, in opposition to the strong character of the hyper colored prints. Rooted from a multi-disciplinary artistic background, the brand keeps it's sharp eye opened to everything which surrounds it."

1 comment:

chelsea lauren rogers said...

oh my god, i want to work for them too. furthermore i want to buy that big bag. i wonder how i can justify spending 125 on a duffel bag...