Monday, May 5, 2008


a page from my book.
Mais allons, ou est le fromage? Si veux deux, n'est pas? Le haw haw! Monday, I wish it was Sunday, cause that's my fun day. Mondays mean work all day, but now its over and done, no longer monday, but monday night, and there are a host of small pleasures to partake of. For example, I listened to an old mix I made today. It had Bright Eyes and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Yes, thoroughly. I'm sure there are a whole host of you getting hot in the face and sputtering in disbelief, but please friends, let me explain. Bright Eyes is like going to a Broadway musical. Yes its histrionic and campy and, but THATS THE FUN OF IT! I don't enjoy relating to Connor as much as I enjoy pretending I relate to him; I would be prepared to give alot, maybe even like 20 bucks or something, to FEEL the way he does. Its...incredible, in multiple senses of the word.
But better than that questionable indulgence is my three babies currently incubating in their inspired womb: book with carla, pattern involving bears, and a gift for one lucky friend.

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