Wednesday, January 28, 2009


i forgot the artist but will update with her name once i remember. a coworker sent me these and i had to post them. its all applique over illustrations. gosh i love them!

LoveTrainer Headset Coaches You in the Art of Love

Made by Sega Toys and resembling company's Body Trainer exercise aid almost exactly, this odd little gadget measures your heart rate, providing you with helpful messages during the course of whatever sexual episode you've decided it should be a part of. You can listen to these messages at the website , but here they are in convenient, easily printable list form:
The foreplay, will now begin!
Please confirm the heart rate sensor!
Your stamina will be evaluated!
The lovemaking, will now begin!
Following the beat, make love much harder!
You are making love, at a very good pace!
Making love a bit more gentler, would be perfect!
Well done!
Let's make love more regularly!
The LoveTrainer will also pipe in music from your iPod for personal enjoyment. The privilege of using the LoveTrainer will set you back $80, assuming this entire site isn't some kind of elaborate hoax. LoveTrainer


nature makes hearts. it must mean love is everywhere.

more warmth

its hammer time

this is hamster moltor jammal, also known as hammy, ham, hamantha, hammer, and hamberly. he is a chinese crested and he loves wearing hats.

wishing it were warm

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

latrelle rostant

i work with many talented ladies. one of whom, miss latrelle rostant, is a master crocheter. she decided in order to get a little pocket change, that she would sell her masterpieces on etsy. so buy it!

get your library card online now!

ive been recently re-evaluating my money situation. i can no longer buy luxury materials such as books and movies. and so i began weighing my options. how could i forget the library. in lui of $20 hardbacks and monthly netflix payments go to the library for free!!!! and who doesnt love the smell of an old book. you can get your library card online and they mail it to your house too. talk about convenient!

you are a designer and...?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

so my dear sweet bf is working freelance now. his name is christopher jammal and he is a storyboard artist for children's television he's worked on everything from word world to umi zumi to wonderpets, disney's go baby. and the list goes on. and i decided it was about time to post on him.
he is incredibly talented. and you really need to check him out.

Friday, January 9, 2009

dream big.

i had a dream about these 2 last night. they hung out with me at a coffee shop. i seem to be dreaming big lately. in one dream i went shopping at the grocery with britany spears, we were total bff's. in another i was brad and angelina's nanny. dreams are cool.

and this is the place where i live.

i didnt make this, but i should have.

Magdalena Bors.

yeah, i would live in one of these little creations.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

taking sides.

So somewhere out in the blogosphere exists an objective being who can solve any argument for you. and here it is:

so heres what you do, next time your bf or gf wont pass the remote and you start arguing about thier commitment to this partnership post the argument on this thingy and have people tell you youre right. because you always are right, and who needs some blog reader to tell you you are.

underwear aren't just fun for one anymore.

I think ive found my BF's anniversary gift!!

lets do the math. 1+1=sex

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

museum of brokan hearts

this travleing museum is amazing: here are a few of my fave from the exhibit.

Divorce Day Mad Dwarf
20 years Ljubljana The divorce day garden dwarf. He arrived in a new car. Arrogant, hollow and heartless. The dwarf was closing the gate that he had destroyed himself some time ago. At that moment it flew over to the windscreen of the new car, rebounded and landed on the asphalt surface. It was a long loop, drawing an arc of time – and this short - long arc defined the end of love
Ex – Axe
1995 Berlin She was the first woman that I let move in with me. All my friends thought I needed to learn to let people in more. After a few months of her moving in, I was offered to travel to the US. She could not come with me. We said goodbye tearfully at the airport with assurance she could not survive three weeks without me. As I returned after three weeks, she said: «I fell in love with someone else. I know her for 4 days but I know that she gives me all what you cannot give me.» I was banal and asked about her plans regarding our life and living together. As the next day she still had no answer, I kicked her out. She went immediately with her new girlfriend on holiday while her furniture stayed with me. Not knowing what to do with my anger, I bought finally at Karstadt this axe to blow off some steam and to give her at least a small feeling of loss – which she did not have obviously after losing the relationship with me. In the 14 days of her holidays I started to axe one piece of her furniture a day. The leftovers I let stand there, as an expression of my inner condition. The more her room became filled with chopped up furniture, and therefore looked like I was feeling, I was starting to get better. Two weeks after she was kicked out, she came to take the furniture. It was neatly arranged into small heaps and fragments of wood. She took that trash and left my apartment for the last time. The axe is lifted to a therapeutic instrument.

An under-knee prothetic limb
spring 1992 Zagreb In a Zagreb hospital I met a beautiful, young and ambitious social worker from the Ministry of Defense. When she helped me to get certain materials, which I, as a war invalid, needed for my under-knee prosthesis, the love was born. The prosthesis endured longer than our love. It was made of better material!

"A museum dedicated to broken hearts has recently been founded in Croatia. Author's of the concept Olinka Vištica and Drazen Grubišić decided to set up the museum after consoling friends over their failed romances.The museum has everything from romantic and touching letters to different gifts given to lovers like teddy bears and photos, but also such unusual examples as leg prothesis donated by a war veteran who fell in love with his physiotherapist or a gall stone. Every single object on display is anonymous, and has a short description of the item related to the relationship that was behind. That's why it could be therapeutic for those with newly broken hearts."

Monday, January 5, 2009

abby heslop

there was this really amazing girl named abby who i was lucky enough to spend late nights in the dying lab of Gordon Hall at SCAD. She is an incredible designer creating her own prints for her darling little dresses. really these dainty little things make you want to skip rope thru a field of tulips. that's the designer herself mdeling her own design, on the far left.check her out!!!

updated prints: by you'res truly

im new, bright and shiny and i bring my new prints to you. hello here they are!
for more go here:

Lindsay Pemberton: Tea Cup Bangles

so these are incredible!
ill let them speak for themselves.