Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"throw down your heart"

Last night chris and i saw "throw down your heart" a film his friend, Sascha Paladino, made starring his half brother Bela Fleck. Bela Fleck is a wizard on the banjo and wanted to bring the banjo back to its origins, so the 2 set off with an amazing sound engineer and recorded an album and a documentary all over Africa. African music has so many layers and beats, I really never appreciated how complex it was until this documentary. It always seemed so frantic to me, But Bela Fleck and Sascha make this music and culture very accessable. They did not focus on Africa and it's hardships they focused on the music and the happiness it brings. The Title of the movie came from a short scene towards the end: "When we got to Tanzania," Fleck recalled, "we heard stories about the slaves first seeing the sea in Bagamoyo. We were told that slaves were transported east in much greater numbers than the slaves that went west to the Americas. When they saw the sea, they realized they would never see their homes again, and they 'threw down their hearts.' That is the translation for the name of the town of Bagamoyo." It is playing at th IFC in the west village. I definately recomend it! It is full of amazing music and some interesting characters.

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