Monday, March 30, 2009

Landmark Loews Jersey Theatre-Movie Palace

On saturday Chris took me on a date to Jersey. I know what you are thinking New Jersey=bleh, but dont let the steriotypes fool you. Well the date consisted of an amazing brunch at the Brownstone which has the best pancakes I've ever eaten. Then a visit to close friends and the first introduction to baby Claire Bear. At 2 months she already has a full head of hair!
But really the whole point of this entry was to talk about the Landmark Loews Jersey Theatre. It is the most Architecturally beautiful buldings I've ever entered. It has gilded coloumns and enormous chandeliers. And to think a few years ago they were going to tear it down to build another set of luxury condos. It is one of the original Movie Palaces, and a palace it was. Every month they show a set of movies. Mostly old movies. But who doesn't love a classic. We saw The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. I found out later that my grandfather worked on it while he did costuming for 20th Century Fox. The ambiance of this theatre is incredible. As you walk in you can hear an organist playing and just before the movie begins the organist is lowered below the stage level as to not block your view. The acoustics! Oh man the acoustics of this place were perfect. Apparently Beck played at this theatre not too long ago and I cant blame him the sound in there sings so sweetly in your ears.
To learn more about the history of this theatre go here:
and you can also donate to the continuing restoration of the theatre. They have already done about $1 million worthe of restoration. As beautiful as it is now it still has a long way to go to reach its full glory.

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