Monday, July 30, 2007

poodles and patterns

i decorated.
today i am working on my traditional patterns. oh boy its hard. also in the works zebras in pyramid formation holding flags in their mouths,silly birds in clouds, lavender bundles, wooden frames containing funny flowers, funny squashed teacups, shadowy dalia flowers.
i am also planning on weaving myself a pelt. a fox stole, white and gold in houndstooth. it will be luxerious and tacky. and i will wear it on my hot mess days.
its rainin rather hard out and leighann just made a funny little rice dish, shes always cooking, she should be a chef or be on a cooking show. she just finished her poodle sign for her aunt. funny story surrounding this. but it looses all the funny in internet translation b/c it doesnt have the silly southern drawl she puts on when describing the client, who jsut happens to be her aunt.
i wish i was cuddling in the rain but instead i am soggy and about to watch black snake moan with the most wonderful troup pf ladies.
love always, kimb.

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