Thursday, November 6, 2008

lesley arfin-read her.

so tuesday night after i voted for our new presedent elect i decided i needed to do research for the book my crew is working on. so i boarded the train and stopped by the union sq. barnes and noble, not considered one of the coolest bookstores in nyc, we have strand for that -but useful for the research i was doing. i found what i needed and headed to the check out line. like everything in the union sq. area lines were long so i began purusing the tables of books set up to trap bored line dwellers like myself. and i stumbled upon a gem. a book called "Dear Diary". Now I am not much of a Vice reader. I suppose it is my unwullingness to spend the precious $ i have on something as frivolous as a magazine. Buuuut now i might just so i can read what this little lady puts in there. She has a way with words let me tell ya. And i finished this book in 2 days flat. She is such a badass. This book is a lot abotu drug use but not in a trainspotting, requieum for a dream type of way. Lesley Arfin is a hero of mine now. Is that wierd to say. Yeah, but im ok with it. She lives in the city. And after googling her-im sucha creep- i found her blog. But think about it she, like many of us, probably googles herself on a regular basis so im no worse than her. and better yet by the mere act of me posting this to my blog i am giving her a little something xtra to read. check out her book kids. its amazing.


lesley arfin said...

I have google alerts, and Vice is free girl!

Kimb James said...

dang that was fast! i hate to argue with a published author buuut...and this is an embarrassing admission...american apparel charged like $15 a copy for it while i was in school in savannah.