Thursday, November 6, 2008

anonymous post.

work is boring today. i have things to do but i dont feel like doing them. all ive done is read books and talk to chris on gmail messenger. i dont feel like designing for the chico's lady today. if i have to create another paisley i just might scream. when will the weekend get here. i feel dirty because the water was shut off at the apt. the landlord isnt picking up the phone. im tired of people calling me sister here. i never understood that concept. i do not have a sister. i have a brother. is it a fashion thing to be sisters with all your coworkers? i'm over trying to be the nice cutesy girl. it was a mask i wore well all thru college. remember when elizabeth raymond and i were just the opposite, that was fun. i still secretly call her a gossip about things i shouldnt. maybe ill go to miami be be not good for a while. the world is not all sunshine and daisies ladies and gentlemen. ugh.

BREAKING NEWS: i have posted this in the bathroom me and my "sisters share"
someone farted big time in the bathroom, whoever is responsible please spray after yourself in the future or i will personally find a way to make your day as stinky as you have made mine!

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carla said...

wow! you're mad! are you ok?