Friday, October 17, 2008

mini break!

chris and i are going on a mini-break to upstate new york. we are going on a pumpkin patching, apple picking, corn mazing, hunted housing, bed and breakfasting adventure. and it all begins tonight with our case you didnt know its spa week in nyc and you get discounted massages..ours is a 60 minute hot stone massages for $50. wahooo! we rented a car to scale the ny countryside and are making secret road mixes. chris warned of the impending david bowie album he plans on playing. i still feel the mountain goats are the best traveling music. i mena going to georgia? not to mention the fact that they sing about all th florida towns i know so well-tampa and tallahasse. please dont get me started on the adventures ive had during those crazy years. did i ever tell you about liz and my run in with the law? maybe next time.

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