Friday, October 9, 2009

for chris jammal.

I want to travel, to visit every rest stop in america. I want to hang my clothes on a line and wear yellow rubber gloves when I do the dishes. I want to be a Librarian and marry a teacher. I want to eat cheeze-its in the car and wear a heavy knit sweater. I want my car to break down at night. You and I will run into a haunted house and kiss kiss kiss for hours. I want to drink whiskey and watch a movie far far away. I want to watch the sky change while I am driving. I always want to hear your voice in my house, I love that sound. I wish we were brother and sister trapped in an attic. I wish we were driving to nebraska, we could makeout in corn fields. I want to make you oatmeal then drive and drive. I want to go fishing and not talk for hours.

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