Thursday, September 18, 2008

becasue we are for keeps

this weekend i promise to make breakfast. toast with jam. i promise to make coffee with cream just how you like it. even though i take mine black.
i always look forward to the end of the week because thats when the weekend comes and that when we can go on vespa rides and spend long afternoons in the park. we can soak up the sun like 2 lizards. and sip mimosas in the morning and eat frenchtoast and we dont have to do dishes. saturday we are spending the day i the park with our german friends drinking german beer. this weekend you said you are making butterfinger baklava becasue brian asked you when you would make more buttlava as he likes to call it. i will make another caserole for lunches and we will finish our projects reserved for weekends. there is so much to do.

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