Thursday, September 25, 2008

bearly there

I am sitting here drinking my harney and sons florence tea (tastes like chocolate) out of my :juan in a million mug which has a drawing of a flock of funny little green birds with one very strange looking bird in the center that i can only assume is juan himself becasue he is the only one wearing a sumbrero and im listening to girly music Lykke li (i like to pronouns licky lee). dancing in my chair and working on an embroidery. this is a daily occurence. i realized today i spend too much time chatting over gmail messenger.
i think i am going to make a cowboy print very soon.
and i have a good question for the blogosphere-what should i be for halloween!?!?!?!

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BCS studio (a blog) said...

juan in a million!

miss u boo.