Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the fact is

so i learned things today form this podcast called: "things you should know"

and they are in fact things you should know, especially if you are a game show contestent.

the following useless facts are for my dearly wedded freinds

1. the wedding ring is placed on the finger b/c it was thought that there was a nerve in your ring finger that led to your heart. and the ring acts like a cuff around your heart.

2. bridesmaids would all dress as the bride would as to confuse evil spirits- which now translates to the bridesmaids in cotton candy colored taffeta and the bride herself in white as to stand out. the bride best be careful of those evil critters

3. the groom carries the bride over the threshold as to keep an evil spirit from entering her body, because it was thought the easiest way to enter a body was thru the feet.

all and all all of these supersticions were to keep the bride from cursing the family.

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