Friday, January 1, 2010

wedding complications

Ok so wedding stuff= kinda tough.
Venue-So far i have emailed a dozen farms with no luck. so if you own a farm and would like to rent out your space to 2 lovely people for a small wedding of 120ppl then HELP!
Dress-still undesigned. Chelsea Jones is across the ocean and its hard to design and create a dress without your number one collaborator close by.
Pie squad is currently being assembled!
Photographer- still hunting. But I am very interested in Our Labor of Love
My tall glass of water is very helpful, and I am so thankful he puts up with my shenanigans and wedding neurosis.
Oh and I am working on a print for the dress or maybe linens or part favors...I dont know how it will be used yet but it will be used.


Emma said...

hey girl...i don't know how far south you want to come, but my family has a farm house in Virginia and it's vacant, we would be more than happy to let you rent it out if you need to...there is lots of land and a pond and a wrap around porch...

kimB james said...

oh jeeze i cant believe i got this so late!!! i wish i had known!