Monday, October 25, 2010

Da Weddin' 10.10.10


It was a Zoo
Just a few of my faves. We did not get a pro photographer. But that is what art school buddies and facebook is for. I have got about 500 wedding shots on facebook and about 100 poloroids and I am happy as a married clam. our honeymoon is next week after a friends halloween wedding! Enjoy the sneak peek!

uncle craig was told it was a 70's themed wedding- he dressed accordingly. He told granny gums that his necklace was a "tea leaf". thats granny on the rascal. 

note: hammy is doin just what you think he' doin.

wedding details:
Dress: MLH/ Corine Zach fabric by Kimb James aka Me!
Decor: Me and my army of friends setting up for 3 days strait and a year of prep
Veil: me- netting is $4/ yd dont pay $50 for a veil ladies wedding budget is too precious for that
C+K= Leigh ann Tucker/ Me (made one afternoon while watching a movie i forgot which one now.
Location: the Overbrook house Buzzards Bay, MA
Officiant/ Banjo/ friend: Sean Latrell
Papergoods= Me again
Best man: our handsome dog Hammy
Maid of honor: Elizabeth Raymond

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