Tuesday, June 15, 2010


My 3 page Wedding To-Do list has been accusing me of being very lazy. I am 3 months out But according to all the wedding checklists I am pretty far behind. Here is what I still have to do.
  1. Draw up map of Venue {bathrooms, dance hall, ceremony, tent, house, ect}
  2. Buy Booze/ Wine/ Beer/ Bubbly
  3. Buy supplies for drinks- Mixers and cups
  4. Make & Stamp Wine Labels
  5. Order Hand Warmers
  6. Make tiny flag Labels for Pies
  7. Determine ceremony and reception layout
  8. Finalize rental details
  9. Make signs so our guests don't get lost
  10. Refine IPOD Playlist
  11. Write Vows
  12. Finish collecting candle holders/vases/jars/etc
  13. Make Pie Plates {12}
  14. Make Pie recipe booklet
  15. Get Fabric printed for table cloths
  16. Tailor Chris' Suit
  17. Buy Hammy’s outfit
  18. Plan Rehearsal Dinner
  19. Finalize ceremony details- Make agenda
  20. Table #'s
  21. Book Hair and Make-Up
  22. Order flowers- research Local Farmers in Cape Cod- Venue says a frost might kill all of there flowers
  23. Find Veil/shoes
  24. Figure out if we want to do a photobooth
  25. Collect Cameras for Camera Station
  26. Boutonnieres & Corsages  Chris, Sean, and honored Guests
  27. Get Marriage License- 9/11
  28. Make seating Chart


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chelsea lauren said...
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chelsea lauren said...

hey girl. f those wedding books and their deadlines. 3 months before our wedding i was told we couldn't do what i had planned so i started from scratch that day. slash a few days later since i was dealing with the heart ache. anyway you'll get this alllll done and probably a lot of it the week before. and thats totally cool. xox. miss you!