Monday, June 7, 2010

uh oh

OK Ok. So everytime I mention my decor people cringe a bit. Yes I got a little crazy with color. But I mean if you know me you know I am cray cray about color. Its all over the place. I got crazy pom poms in neons and I got bunting ( I know what your thinking youre over it but I am not!) in greys and blues and greens and I printed a bunch of my patterns for the table cloths and my dress. I KNOW there is sooo very much going on but I just cant help myself. I want this wedding to be me and;s more me but...yaknow. And I am not a minimalist. I love patterns, I make them everyday. I love quirky things cuz...I guess I am weird still. I just cant fit my wedding into a theme. It is impossible to even make a palette and stick to it. So here I am, with a wedding that has explosive mismatchy colors. I am outta my brain!

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