Friday, December 10, 2010

Aside from the sudden surplus of wedding photos (hey I needed like 3 month break from all things wedding) I have been exactly the same. I work everyday and then try to build up the energy to board the stinky train back to Brooklyn fighting all the way for a decent spot near the doors. Just the other day I got stuck on a train with the most foul of smells. Most of the time I can tuck my nose into my scarf and ride it out but this time it was impossible, it smelled like some one barfed into a poopy diaper and smeared it on their stinky armpits. All of the train cars were packed to such a point that it looked like the door might not close. It was the pits, literally the pits of hell. I survived but man oh man winter sure can bring all the stinkers in from the cold and deposit them on my daily commute home.
Speaking of winter I have become quite homesick for the south and the subtle seasonal changes. Don't get me wrong Fall is my favorite month but dang it New York get COOOOLD! I am a very sensitive little creature and the cold chills my bones.
Other than being cold I have to say life pretty much rocks. I love my husband and my dog. I love our apartment and I love that I am in Love.
I even found an amazing thing to occupy my unending need to create I am going to start taking classes at 3rd Ward in Williamsburg and get some website learnin in. I had to unplug my website recently. It was a hard decision to make but I am a married woman now and I had to make the choice to change my name professionally or not. I created an identity for myself as "Kimb James" and I have to re-brand somehow involving my new last name- Jammal. Which is pretty much just the Arab interpretation of James. Did I mention my husband's family is from Lebanon? Well I am in the process of adopting his name and filling out paperwork and pretty much reformatting my little life here. Brilliant. I have updated the world on my life and I am done for the day.

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