Friday, December 10, 2010


We didn't have a pro photographer, so we didnt have to shell out big bucks for someone to drive out to the cape and take out pix. I highly recommend this route especially if you a 2 retired fathers that love taking photos so much they went out and got super amazing cameras to feed their addiction. Either way it was so nice to go thru all of our family's photos from our wedding day and see their eye shine thru. All of the above photos are from my amazingly talented father in law who is an architect by profession but just happens to take majorly awesome photos. It was also nice to not have to leave the party for too long to take professional photos. All we wanted to do all night was eat our burgers and dance. Which we did. It was so incredible to be able to be so free in our wedding. No DJ to order us around, no photographer following us around putting us in random poses. It was amazing. Of coarse if you get the right professional they will be invisible and turn out some good photos. But it was nice to be able to say: "Sorry dad, but no more photos we want some champagne." 

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