Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pig Island 2012- Governors Island NYC

Pig Island happens every summer here in NYC on Governor's Island, which used to be a naval academy and private government island thing( I hope I got my facts strait). The Island was opened to the public 4-5 years ago. It is an incredible place that you can bike around and explore old buildings and such. It is just a free ferry ride away, And if you bring a bike you board the ferry first! They have food carts there every weekend but once a year all of the pork lovers of the city gather on the island to feast on New York's best pork restaurants. And did I mention they have unlimited Six Point Beer? Yes it is amazing and I am already itching for next year's Pig Island. 

a tequila shooter with a chunk of bacon

please notice the hair growing out of my crispy pork skin

butter sausage

the longest line was for the chocolate covered bacon of coarse

Chris' fave of the day Pork Taco

this was his 4th

this was my stack

I have a major sweet tooth so my favorite was the bacon cookie
with caramel sauce

I got to pet some chickens

there are no words

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