Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tattoo Thursday

Triple Diamond Tattoo just opened down the street on 3rd ave. and Union and can I just say I am so very pleased. Jon Jon and Shannon run the place with the help of thier puppy Elwood and are probably the greatest people ever! I don't t think I have ever felt more at home in a tattoo shop in my life. Not only are the the people who run the place rad but Triple Diamond has an impressive collection of Oddities and Jewelry that doesn't make me cry when I look at the price tag.
Chris and I went to 3D because we have been planning bro tats for a while. And well Chris has a not so secret obsession with The Karate Kid and wanted everyone to know it. So he got Danielson and Johnny in the final fight scene on his calfs. Needless to say it was an exciting day.

can you believe this is under 50 buck-a-roonies?

Elwood is the real star of the show

our bro tats

So pleased with the final product-still wrapped in saran wrap

I kinda love how Chris looks like he is wearing hair pants now. 
But this is the final tattoo a bit swollen and bloody. Jon Jon is mighty talented.

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