Monday, October 8, 2012

90's Nostalgia: Nickelodeon

I was just thinking about the vital role Nickelodeon played in my life growing up. Summers spent writing into Stick Stickely so I could get my letter read on air ( this never happened by the way). I also went so far to make tiny little scenes for my own Stick Stickely families. It was a summer of many popsicles. I still remember those shows AAAHHH! Real Monsters!, Hey Arnold!, All That!, Ren and Stimpy, Rugrats, Clarissa Explains it All, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and that Double Dare Nose. I mean I spent most of my youth trying to dress more like Clarissa. Nickelodeon programming has changed so much since then. There are so many more regulations on kids programming these days. Can you imagine a show like Ren and Stimpy being produced these days. I mean Adult Swim has styled shows after R and S ever since but it is not so much considered acceptable for kids. These days it's all Yugioh and Anime exports, nothing against the stuff of coarse. I spent many days after school watching Sailor moon and eating party Pizzas.  I suppose I am just longing for the days my mom would serve me eggos in front of the tv before she sent me out to play with the neighbors. I also wanted an excuse to post a not on amazing nostalgic images to make us children of the 90's happy.

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