Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy year 2!!

Remember that time we:
::Ate at the greatest restaurants with the greatest food
::Went on those amazing adventures to London & Paris
::Camped out in the grand canyon and those other canyons, and eaten so many marshmallows
::Cooked the most outstanding omelettes and pancakes, just wait til we open out B&B
::Saw those great shows, the Book of mormon and raunchy Burlesque and other assorted off off  
  broadway ones that we didn't really understand but whispered about under our breath
::Went up to Warwick every year and picked pumpkins and apples and watched corny movies at the
   Warwick Drive in with a lg xtra cheese pizza
::moved across the hall to a new bigger apartment because I complained and complained, but now you  
   have an office and a place to hang all your deer heads you have been collecting

I can't believe I met you at your comedy show. I can't believe that on our first date to Spotted Pig and Little Branch ( which we still frequent to this day) you broke up with me only to call me the next day and everyday for the next week. We have been inseparable ever since. In our vows you promised me a million honeymoons. And it's funny that a hurricane destroyed our actual honeymoon but we ended up going on a million other "honeymoons" instead. Every trip we go on is a honeymoon. To replace that original honeymoon to St Lucia we went on a funnymoon to the Caribbean resort in Orlando because our sister in law could get us a discount. We ended up at a dinner show at Capones with all you could eat italian and all you could drink rum and cokes. We have so much fin together and I can't wait to have more fun with you.
I love you forever.

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